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This is a new, popular technique that recreates the appearance of eyebrow hairs with ink. This technique uses a unique pen and needle with our years of experience to hand draw each stroke of hair to precision. This technique penetrates in the first layer of the skin and will last approximately 1 year or more depending on the skin type.

You will be able to see the hair strokes in the skin, making it look natural and giving you fuller and better shaped eyebrows. This treatment is beneficial for people who want to saves time and money without having to sacrifice beautifully looking eyebrows. The process is also painless with the use of specialized creams to numb the skin.

This process has easy post care, and less chances of inflammation and redness in the area. The eyebrows heal in one month. To maintain permanent results, it is recommended to do a touch up every year or as needed. Every skin is different and some may keep the results longer or less.

Microblading $450

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